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(8) Sep 6, 2004


GravatarOn September 8, 2004 3:56 PM rena said:


GravatarOn September 8, 2004 8:22 PM Rick said:

Thanks, Rena!

Anyone else care to comment? We'd love the feedback!

GravatarOn September 9, 2004 5:16 AM paul haine said:

I don't like...the yellow and grey colour scheme is unappealing...reminds me of an airport. The header image is also first thought was that this was a website for the RAC or something...

GravatarOn September 9, 2004 3:52 PM KLS said:

I agree with Paul above, try viewing it in 800*600, the top banner almost covers the whole page, it's a problem if you're majority of viewers are still on low res. Too much grey space at the top as well. Other than that, it's a simple and workable layout and site.

GravatarOn September 9, 2004 4:53 PM Rick Moore said:

We checked our logs faithfully before this redesign and found that 95% of our site visitors were using at least 1024x768 screens. Hence the decision to go with the larger header. The grey road is just that--a grey road--kind of keeping with our company's theme. I might try to decrease the height a little; I just wanted something to lead into the content.

Thanks for the feedback!

GravatarOn September 10, 2004 3:24 PM berehneh said:

nice and simple

GravatarOn September 11, 2004 5:23 AM paul haine said:

Rick: remember that a user's screen resolution doesn't necessarily reflect what their browser size is - for instance, my current screen res is 1280x1024, but my browser window is...*checks*...about 900x500. I know that when I run at a resolution of 1024x768, I don't have a maximised browser then either...

GravatarOn August 28, 2008 2:45 PM thonk said:

hi, nice work.

which is the font name of detourdesign logo?

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