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internet dreams

(12) Posted by Alex Giron on Feb 15, 2006


GravatarOn February 15, 2006 9:48 AM Dave Cardwell said:

The text was a little small for my liking but the design holds together when you increase the font size.

I like the light and appropriate use of Flash and the contact form looked very nice.

I'd probably change the colour of the contact link in the footer as it's a little hard to make out.

All together I thought it was a nice, tight, attractive design.

GravatarOn February 15, 2006 11:13 AM tommy said:

I think this is a very nice website, love the colors and use of flash

GravatarOn February 15, 2006 12:16 PM estorde said:

Congrats for the webmaster, because it's a cool site.

GravatarOn February 15, 2006 12:41 PM Bradley said:

I agree the site looks great, but there seems to be some issues with the footer/bottom in FF. Great work though nonetheless.

GravatarOn February 15, 2006 4:48 PM Paul said:

Awesome site, only one thing upsets me...

I'm currently in the process of coding my own site, and their logo looks almost exactly like mine, except i used orange where they used blue, and the name is different of course... too wierd.

Also, I'm kind of over the whole grungy look, but with this site, they do it pretty well, and the use of Flash is pretty useful and minimalistic.

GravatarOn February 15, 2006 6:11 PM kevadamson said:

Wonderfully intelligent and executed web design - I loves it I does!

GravatarOn February 16, 2006 2:15 AM Matt said:

Nice looking site, though with css disabled the search button has no text and with images disabled the form is completely hidden though these are both extreme cases.

GravatarOn February 16, 2006 6:16 AM Ander Aznar said:

Really well done and thought.
I really like the design, and the easy navigation.

GravatarOn February 16, 2006 6:38 AM vepa said:

I like colorful design and small flash animations on each page. Especially one at the first page.

GravatarOn February 19, 2006 9:16 AM Muhammet Sevim said:

I really like the design. The flash animations are great. Congratulations.

GravatarOn February 22, 2006 1:10 AM said:

By the way, this website was talked about on the Web Standards with Imagination Podcast Episode 02.

GravatarOn March 1, 2006 7:14 AM Niki said:

I like paining effect on right and left sides. Also I like menu link underline style and small flash animations used for presentation.

The only thing may need change is contact email link, located at the bottom, not contrasts with blue background, making it difficult to read.

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